Behind the music

Roger & Lenny

Two musical souls found each other in the summer of 2009 at a local Jam session. We hit it off vocally and started playing some music together finding some mutual love the Golden Oldies. A few years later we started getting booked as Roger & Lenny and rest is history. 

Roger Cohn

Beginning with singing along with original Broadway cast albums as a kid, Roger has always fostered a keen interest in music.


It wasn’t until graduate school, however, that he seriously took up guitar. Eventually Roger dove into songwriting, with about three dozen songs to his credit—several covered by Roger & Lenny.


Roger performed as a solo musician at various area venues before meeting up with Lenny Sutton.

Lenny Sutton

Love of music started at a young age for Lenny. He was in two choirs in elementary school and one in church. 

In high school he picked up his first harmonica to accompany friends during recess. While working as a dishwasher in middle school Lenny grew to love the Golden Oldies that were playing in the diner he worked at. 

Lenny keeps himself busy cooking full time and foraging part time between gigs. When he isn't singing with Roger he can be heard singing in a kitchen. 

Lenny Sutton